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Giving a Talk at Xconf

TLDR: I presented the talk about my experiences doing infrastructure automation on a project usnig chef. Presenting it was fun and very encouraging :)

Getting RefineryCMS’ Asset Pipeline to Work With Heroku

The Problem

RefineryCMS’ assets somehow use the Rails URL helpers, which causes rake assets:precompile to throw error, which looks something like this:

Heroku Error
-----> Preparing app for Rails asset pipeline
       Running: rake assets:precompile
       rake aborted!
       undefined method `admin_dialogs_path' for #<Module:0x00000006d06708>
       (in /tmp/build_13ex2hfe5y1g5/vendor/bundle/ruby/1.9.1/gems/refinerycms-core-2.0.5/app/assets/javascripts/refinery/boot_wym.js.erb)

Setting Up Jenkins CI for iOS Development

I just started with iOS App development and as one of the first things to do on any (Agile) project we (Few just out of college ThoughtWorkers) started setting up CI. We chose Jenkins as it seemed Free, easy and widely used CI solution. But the job turned out to be more difficult than we ever thought.

Rattafication: A Curse !

Just done with (hopefully) the last exam of the Bachelor’s Degree Course in Computer Engineering, I am thinking what is going to be changed. The few very obvious things that come into mind which you might also be thinking. But along with them a very weird thought came in my head, there will be no Ratta hence forth when I’ll be learning anything.

Anonymity on Internet: Somebody’s Stalking You !!

Just think if you had indexed (in simple terms easily accessible) information of everybody in the world about their Name, Age, Phone No, Address,Email ID, etc along with their Interest, Likes, Dislikes etc. What would you have done ?

Hello World

This is what programmers do when they get their hands on some programming language for the first time. So I’m saying “Hello World” to the blogging world in my first blog. So that’s it for now. Will blog again soon. Bye. :-)